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Can the listener understand what you said?

March 24, 2009

We have previously talked about speaking slowly when leaving your phone number in a voice mail message. In fact, I would guess that we suggested that your phone number should be given twice and some experts think it should be left three times; once in the beginning of the message and twice at the end.


Well, recently I got a message, a three minute voice mail message and the caller left his/her number at the end of the message which was great except I couldn't distinguish the last four numbers as they were said so fast.


After four more attempts, (playing back the message for a total of 12 minutes), I finally was able to decipher the last four numbers.


So my tip is that it turns out that it doesn't matter how many times one repeats a phone number if the speaker speaks so quickly that one can't decipher what was said


Consequently, you might want to give your number early into your voice message. But, when doing so speak slowly and distinctly, otherwise it is simply just a waste of time.


If the call described above wasn't from a person I wanted to talk to, I would have simply deleted the message after the first attempt to ascertain the phone number. Remember to speak slowly and leave your phone number early in your voice mail message!