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I Can't Believe I Said That

August 11, 2009

We are human and we occasionally say things we’d like to take back. We also make mistakes we’d rather not have made! Quite honestly, I’ve never met the "perfect person" and probably never will!  What is important is not to achieve "perfection" but to recover gracefully from errors.  The ability to recover truly does determine your level of success.


I’ve met very talented recruiters who are "stuck" at a certain level of production, because they are fearful of taking risks or possibly sounding stupid.  When you hear yourself saying something you’d like to take back – interject humor into the conversation.


Example One:  "It was my intention to really impress you today, and after that statement I think I need to begin this conversation over again…and do exactly that!"


People like to conduct business with people they enjoy.  Take your personality to work WITH you. Don’t leave it outside the door of your office.


Example Two:  That just didn’t come out correctly.  Let me reword what I just said.


If you did something that you know you should not have done, hit the issue head on. The time you spend worrying about what you did actually prevents you from peak performance.  Often your anticipation of the consequences of your actions is much worse than the actual reality.


Start out by saying "I made a mistake (outline the action) and it is my intention during this conversation to rectify what was done"  Or (outline the action)   "I’m calling today to find out what you would suggest as a possible solution to this issue."  Often, you are willing to give away the kitchen sink when you’ve made a mistake and your client just wants it never to happen again. 


If you think the solution is to never say or do anything you will regret…..the only way to accomplish that is to not DO or SAY anything – and we all know that will never happen!


Remember, you are judged more closely when you’ve said or done something that has caused a problem.  This is the time you have to show your true desire to maintain a strong working relationship with this individual and you will do whatever it takes to solidify that relationship!



Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS

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