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June 24, 2009

1. Build your list by joining an open networking group, like Medical Device Opportunity

2. Initial “Introduction” Marketing. I use a “blurb” about services or upcoming events when receiving those incoming invites (it’s a cut and paste function, but it does take time) AND WHEN SENDING an occasional invitation out also. So, in brief, incoming and outgoing invites are a great opportunity to bio yourself and send them to a website, event, Facebook group, etc.

3. The next way I build the lists is by responding AND inviting every person who answers a posted question. Those people become “warm” contacts – they’re obviously drawn to your subject matter or they wouldn’t be answering your questions.

4. Post 2 Questions weekly focused on the your realm of products and expertise (this gets pretty creative, you can use this to carefully introduce your next project, product and gain supporters – but you DO NOT want to be looked at as self serving). Always use complete signature info, including website and email address when you do Q&A. This is Googleable, drives traffic to your website AND runs your SEO up and up. Also be sure to answer other people's questions once in a while to show off your knowledge base (also Googleable, btw).

5. Join at least 20 Groups where your potential CLIENTS would be (not peers) and share as discussions on that group random facts / questions / blog updates or even documents at least twice weekly to drive traffic and interest – complete with all signature info! When you first join, send an initial “intro and bio” out to the group members as a discussion with weblinks, bloglinks, etc.

6. Finally, you can download your Linkedin list and send an occasional newsletter. Be interesting and useful to your list, and remind them where the opt out button is (below) so that you're not a pain to them. Remember, these are your CONNECTIONS -- you want to treat them well.