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Social Network Candidate Screening - Top Concerns

June 23, 2009

In September 2008 released their survey‚ "One in Five Employers Use Social Networking Sites to Research Candidates." Below were the top concerns hiring managers responded they had when checking candidate's pages.

41 percent: References to alcohol or drug use

40 percent: Inappropriate photos or information posted on their page

29 percent: Poor communication skills

28 percent: Bad mouthing of former or fellow employees

27 percent: Inaccurate qualifications

22 percent: Unprofessional screen names

21 percent: Notes showing links to criminal behavior

19 percent: Divulging confidential information about past employers

On the flip side; 24% of hiring managers in the study found content on social networks that helped convince them to hire a candidate.

(source: Mobility Magazine‚ February 2009)