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Tips for Working with Headhunters and Recruiters

July 17, 2009


First, remember that a headhunter, or recruiter, works for the employer. That means you don't set the rules and must make yourself a desirable candidate.


Come across as arrogant, difficult or lacking skills, and the recruiter will move on to other candidates. However, if you are a professional, possessing valuable and up-to-date skills, the headhunter will keep you in mind for all sorts of job openings. Some tips for working with headhunters include:


You should be able to clearly and concisely explain to a recruiter why you would be a valuable employee. Don't lie. Headhunters are almost certain to check up on your background, and they'll catch you in untruths. Do your homework. It's fair to ask the headhunter about other clients and expertise.


Do your research and Trust your gut. If you choose to work with multiple headhunters, let each of them know what you're doing. Otherwise, more than one might promote you to the same employer, and that can be a problem.


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