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What I Learned From Sugar Ray

August 28, 2009

The will to win!

I met Sugar Ray Leonard in 2004. He was the keynote speaker at a President’s Club incentive trip held in Maui. Not the most imposing figure you’ll ever meet physically, but made up for it with his trademark demonstrative personality and swagger. In listening to him speak about some of the different fights he had won and lost in his career, one thing that stood out was his genuine belief that he was going to win each bout, regardless of the opponent or circumstance. One trademark of his illustrious tenure as a championship boxer was the persistence and resilience that defined him. In most of his biggest fights, he willed himself to victory.

Like Sports, Sales is about persistence and resilience, a will to win while still following the rules of play and conducting yourself as a professional with integrity and passion. If you believe you are going to close the deal, set an appointment, or even simply get a prospect to your return your voicemail, you can will yourself to victory, outworking and outlasting your foes. It’s not always about landing the knockout punch, but landing several precise and strategic blows round after round until they raise your arm in victory. Sometimes the first 5 “no” responses you get just mean “not yet.” Do you have the will to call a 6th time and get the “yes?”