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How to Engage Prospects to Identify True interest: For Medical Sales Reps

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True interest: For Medical Sales Reps

December 16, 2019

Do you want to put an end to loosing promising medical device sales opportunities because you couldn’t engage every prospective customer in a conversation to identify their true interest for business? This human inability can sometimes lead to missing a sales opportunity that could have ended in increasing revenue for your sales organization. 

Conversica is a virtual sales assistant designed with a conversational artificial intelligence that is cloud-based. Conversica provides a two-way conversation with prospects to identify their genuine interest in business. Then at the right time, it recommends a profitable lead you should pursue, saving you time, allows you to pursue other promising leads, and reduces cost-per-lead, thereby increasing your sales revenue.

How does Conversica help you to change the game for your sales organization as a Medical Sales Rep?

Conversica helps you to find prospects who signify their interest in doing business with you. It then identifies their true interest by engaging them in a two-way conversation using artificial intelligence. It responds to messages and emails from prospects and sends them appropriate responses. Conversica identifies if the prospects are ready for business and if their business is profitable before handing the lead over to you, saving you time to focus on other promising leads that need human attention.

Conversica will take over sales leads with lower priority allowing you to navigate through other market areas with higher profitable leads, hence increasing your sales revenue.

Six things Conversica will help you to do better and faster as a Medical Sales Rep

  1. You can engage every prospect with prior knowledge of what they want without wasting time on conversation, touch, and meetings.
  2. You wouldn’t have to pursue a prospect who will end up not doing business with you.
  3. Conversica helps you to reduce cost-per-lead and invest more resources on profitable leads
  4. It increases your chances of successfully closing a deal
  5. Conversica keeps conversations with prospects personalized, just like a human sales rep will do. This then makes your clients increase their trust in you.
  6. It improves your professionalism in handling sales leads.
How to increase your lead engagement as a Medical Device Sales Rep

Most times, it’s difficult and costly to follow up every sales lead. This inability prevents you from giving appropriate attention to profitable leads, and this can lead to a loss in revenue. However, Conversica can help to increase your sales lead by following up on every single lead, keeping the conversational cycle moving using its conversational artificial intelligence. With Conversica, you can increase your touch rate to 8 or 10 per lead. Conversica will also help you to increase your lead efficiency by qualifying a lead before handing it over to you.

How to handle your first 30 days as a Medical Sales Rep 

There is no need to worry about how to use Conversica and how to handle its technicalities during your first 30 days of purchase.

After purchasing Conversica, you will be assigned and signed up with a Technical Account Manager (TAM) and a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who are always available to make sure that your sales goals are achieved using Conversica.

The TAM helps you in handling the integration and technical account set-up of Conversica while the CSM organizes a six-meetings training to help you build KPIs for success and on how to efficiently use Conversica.

Can you determine the ROI on every sale you’ve made?

You can view the amount of revenue you have generated with Conversica using the Conversica dashboard. The dashboard provides data that will give you an insight into your performance as a medical sales rep, your lead engagement rate, the number of leads you’ve attended to, and your success rate. Conversica will also provide you with enough data for your self-evaluations. Conversica will also provide you with information on the strength of your lead flow process, helping you to provide more effective means for your process efficiency.