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How to Gain Medical Sales Executive Job Search Momentum

How To Gain Job Search Momentum, for Medical Sales Executives

July 15, 2019

Starting anything new such as a change of career, or rising to the top of a career ladder is not always an easy task. And not even for an executive medical device sales rep. It is a process that requires much commitment, discipline, diligence, patience, and a positive thinking pattern. These will enable you to achieve the career position that you are aspiring for.

When you are planning a change of job to become an executive medical devise sales rep, or you are a sales rep who wants to upgrade his career to an executive medical device sales reposition,  you have to start by conducting an intensive but focused executive job search. There is a possibility that you get overwhelmed or discourage when conducting an executive job search in executive medical device sales positions. The reason could be that you have not gotten a reply from several medical device companies that you have contacted during your more than 3 months of job search. However, you don’t have to be discouraged or give up on your executive job search. All you have to do is to increase your executive job search momentum.  It might be that you need to write a new resume with the right keywords that focuses on the executive medical device sales rep that you are applying for. Make your resume to be more attractive or develop some personal skills to make you stand out among other job seekers.

Here are 3 simple ways to increase your job search momentum

 1) Increase your career visibility on social platforms such as LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that you can use to market yourself. You don’t have to sit and keep waiting for a reply from companies that you have sent an application to for the position of an executive medical sales rep. You have to keep doing something while you wait. And what you are to do is to market yourself and get more people to see you on social platforms as a medical salesperson.

How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • Endorse the accomplishments of other executive medical sales rep
    When you give a positive comment about other executive medical sales rep, your profile will become more visible to medical sales recruiting agents that the person is connected to on LinkedIn.
  • Seek for a recommendation from a successful executive medical sales rep who really knows your medical sales capacity.
  • Have a concise but informative profile.
    Your profile should contain all the details about your medical device sales job history, your capacity, achievements and how you intend to improve yourself and also benefit any medical device sales company that might want to recruit you.
  • Get connected to other medical device sales rep on other social platforms such as tweeter, Facebook and Instagram.

2) Invest in your leadership skills

While you are on your executive job search as an executive medical sales rep, you should also invest some time in developing your medical sales leadership skills. As an executive medical device sales rep, you will be exposed to many leadership opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, recruiting agencies will want to focus on more on the skills you can offer as a leader and not just what you have in your resume. An excellent and effective leadership skill will increase your chances of being hired by recruiting agencies.

3) Be patient and expect the best

Most executive job seekers view the process of conducting a job search as having two points. These are the starting point and the end point. They assign a time frame during which they think they should be hired. However, they get discouraged and depressed if at the end of the time frame and they are still not hired. There is a possibility you get hired in less than a month of your job search but if you don’t, never be discouraged. Check your strategies and if they are worth it, then you should keep at it. If not, find out what you’ve been doing wrong and find out how to correct them.