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Is it too Soon to Look for a New Job?

Is it too soon to look for a new job?

March 25, 2019

Are you a medical sales rep who feels as though you should look for a new job sooner rather than later? Of course, you may feel as if you should but reconsidering the situation that made you feel this way will help you make the right decision.  However, with a lot of pressure from managers and supervisors, fewer sales which means little or no paycheck, travel risks, etc. many medical sales reps might consider seeking new job after just a few months of working in the field.

When accepting job offers based on personal reasons and expectations, there is a tendency to become bored with the work after a few months.

However, whether or not you have unmet expectations or you’re faced with a certain professional challenge at your recent job, you must remember that having a few difficulties at the beginning of a new job can sometimes be inevitable.

When considering a search for a new job can be too soon:

  1. When you constantly feel bored or tired of what you do.

As a medical sales rep, your work will require that you spend a lot of time talking with clients, convincing them that you have the medical equipment or device to make them or their patients better. However, if you are a person who dislikes talking or has poor communication and listening skills, you might hate this aspect of your job. Nevertheless, developing your communication skill and being more professional and patient will help you to enjoy your work more instead of searching for a new job too soon.

  1. When you put in more energy but have a low sales record.

Many medical sales reps soon become frustrated after a few weeks or months working with a low sales record. Just because sales are low doesn’t mean you have to run out and look for a new job. Make sure you get all the training available or discuss with your supervisor and team members ways to improve sales when you’re starting out. You should also be more strategic, professional, and employ excellent marketing skills.

  1. When you think your boss is over demanding

Most sales reps see their managers as over demanding and requesting too much because of the very high sales targets. However, your ability to work under pressure and meet the required target will help to develop your sales and marketing skills. Moreover, you can speak with your supervisor on how to split your target into smaller bits or quotas to help you achieve the end goal.

When it’s not too soon to look for a new job

  1. When your current organization does not provide insurance to cover your job risk

If your work requires that you travel on many occasions, then there must be an insurance plan to cover you in case something goes wrong when you are on-the-go. However, if your organization does not cover these risks, then discuss it with your manager. If there are no actions taken, then you should consider a search for a new job that will provide that coverage.

  1. When you do not have or lose passion for the job

You don’t have to continue with a job you no longer like doing. If you lose passion for the job or you think there are other jobs more related to your career goals, you can choose to change positions. In this instance, it’s not too soon to look for a new job. Nevertheless, make sure you go through the appropriate resignation process and start your job hunt immediately after you make up your mind to resign from your current job.

As a medical sales rep, you can face a high-pressure job at all times.  However, it can be a very fulfilling one. If you’re considering a career or job change, be sure to weigh all the options before resigning. These are a few signs to watch for to ensure you’re not jumping ship before you should. Make sure to consider all options, all scenarios for finding a new job, and try to have one lined up before you resign your current one.

If you feel it’s too soon to look, give yourself time to get acclimated and see where your current position takes you.