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Medical Sales Job Hunting During the Pandemic

Medical Sales Job Hunting During the Pandemic

April 8, 2020

The outbreak of the pandemic that struck the whole world is no longer news, and most individuals and businesses are trying to adjust to the situation that presents some significant level of uncertainty. Though due to the pandemic outbreak, most economists have predicted a significant economic recession that the world economy might have to face soonest, and in fact, most companies are already battling with this as they are beginning to lay off a significant amount of their employees.

If companies are beginning to lay off their employees, then what hope do job-hunters in the medical sales field have in securing an excellent job during this time of economic recession and social uncertainty?

Yes, it's a known fact that recruiting companies for most sectors have either suspended their recruiting process or are not ready to hire new employees until an uncertain future time. However, if you are trying for a medical sales job, you have some significant chances of getting hired.

The availability of Medical jobs has been on the increase, especially during this pandemic compared to jobs in other sectors. As more medical supplies and equipment are needed for the containment of the pandemic, recruiters may also need more medical sales reps for delivering these devices where required. So if you are trying for a medical sale job-hunt during the pandemic then you are on the right track.

Here are five tips to help you become effective or possibly to get hired in your medical sales job-hunting research during the pandemic.

1. Don't put your job search on hold

If you are tempted to put your job search on hold during the pandemic outbreak that would be a great mistake, according to SHRM's Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Other people who continue their job search might take advantage of the job opportunities that could have been yours if you'd continued job-hunting. He also explained in the most recent edition of #GetHired that many recruiters have continued business as usual despite the effect of the pandemic. The only difference in the recruiting approach is that interviews are now conducted on video rather than in person. He also added that hiring may eventually increase if the pandemic is contained sooner. So, keep job-hunting, keep applying, and don't be discouraged.

2. Update your resume with the right keywords

As suggested by recruiters, getting your resume updated during this pandemic increases your chances of getting hired. You shouldn't use the same resume for all your applications. Instead, note the keywords in every job posting and make sure your resume reflects those keywords so that your resume can be noticed by recruiters. Also, make sure that your resume is designed in a more flexible pattern, indicating your skills and areas of experience so that recruiters can consider you fit into more than one job position. Changing your resume to reflect current demand in the medical sales sector can also give you an added advantage and making your resume noticeable by recruiters.

3. Network with other professionals online

You don't have to totally hands-off your medical job-hunting research because of the pandemic, instead, join an online network of medical sales professionals on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Open a Facebook or LinkedIn account if you don't have one already and connect with medical sales professionals. Become engaged in the discussions and wisely let your audience know what you are capable of doing. You might get a referral or recommendation from any of your group members as you relate more professionally together.

4. Improve Your skills

Now is a good time for you to improve your skills in preparation for a medical sales job.  Though most real events have been suspended for the time being you can attend online activities such as seminars, webinars, group video discussions, etc. You can also get online certification for new courses and skills that can make you stand out during the recruitment process.

5. Keep in touch with recruiters

If you've had a job interview but the job position has been put on hold because of the pandemic, don't just assume that the recruiters are no longer recruiting for now. Instead, keep in touch. Sending an email to the recruiter is not a bad idea, especially if they've promised to get in touch with you later.  Check on the status of the jobs you’ve been interviewed or applied for. You can also ask if there are other tasks you could help out with while you work remotely from home.