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New Year's Resolutions for the Medical Sales Career

Game Changing Resolutions for your Medical Sales Career

January 4, 2021

Yeah! It's New Year, another opportunity to start things afresh for most persons and even for people with the medical sales career.  The New Year is a time for making New Year's resolutions, and a medical sales rep must do this also. Whether you've had a record of success in the previous year or you were not able to meet up with your sales targets. You don't have to feel depressed or discouraged for not being able to realize your dreams for your medical sales career. It's time to start anew.

 A medical sales career is one of the most challenging jobs that requires much time, physical energy and mental capability. Just like in every other career, you need to do proper planning and schedule your appointments to be effective and have an excellent career experience this New Year.

Are you wondering about what you need to do to climb the ladder of success in your medical sales career this New Year? Don't worry.

Here are 7 New Year's resolutions you should consider to become a game-changer in your medical sales career


1. Pick an area of specialization

For you to be effective in any profession of your choice, you need to get specialized in an aspect of the career. If you have been selling various types of medical devices in the previous year, its time to decide on the category of medical device that you are interested in selling. Choosing an aspect of medical sales career will help you get focused and to acquire the right and sufficient knowledge about the product that you are selling. Selecting an area of specialization will help you know how to advertise your product effectively and provide your prospective client with the right information, stating the benefits of your medical device to them.

Here are some areas of specializations of a medical sales career that you can choose from:


Surgical Devices

Capital/Durable Medical Equipment

Health IT and Software


2. Consider acquiring additional training

Picking up additional training for your medical sales career this New Year will increase your professional capacity and ability. It will help you to relate with your prospective clients more professionally, acquire improved advertising and marketing skills, and how to make more sales. Getting additional training will teach you how to connect with executive customers and sell to c-suite buyers.

3. Improve on your time management

Being in the medical sales career will require giving much of your time. Therefore, if you want to make good sales within the limited time available every day, then you must know how to manage your time productively. Make sure that you have a daily schedule, know what a priority, the important and the necessary are. Always do the first things first.

Improving your time management might mean that you will cut down the amount of time spent on checking emails or speaking on the phone. When your clients are confident that you manage time well, then they will be ready to do business with you.

4. Set SMART goals

Before you start your career this New Year, part of your new year's resolution should be self-evaluation and career evaluation. Try to evaluate your personal and job performance for the previous year, and whether you were able to record some successes or not, you must set new SMART goals for the year 2020. Setting a SMART goal is like a road map that will guide you in achieving your career dreams for the year 2020.

5. Be self-motivated

Never give in to depression or discouragement this New Year as you progress in your medical sales career. Try to avoid any sales objections by providing your clients with clear and sufficient information about your medical product and when sales objections are unavoidable, don't give up on the deal, and instead find a more professional way to handle the situation. Part of being self-motivated is that you shouldn't be afraid to meet new clients, executive clients and c-suit buyers. Believe that you are a professional medical devices sales rep, and you will be treated as one.