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The Best Month to Job Hunt for Medical Device Sales Reps

What is the best month to job hunt for a medical device sales rep?

September 18, 2019

Wondering about the month of the year to job hunt as a medical device sales Rep? Just like in every other field or profession, job hunting for a medical device sales rep, requires that you have the right strategies that can make your job hunting successful. It is not enough for you to have the right plans and resources while job hunting for a medical device sales rep but you must also step out at the proper season of the year when you are most likely to be hired by recruiters or managers. 

It is accepted that the best month of the year to job hunt is around January and February of a new year.  January and February are known to be the beginning of the first quarter fiscal year of most companies. Recruiters are ready to hire as they have enough resources for the recruitment process this season. Besides, most managers and recruiting officers have just resumed back to work from thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, which means they are likely to be more relaxed, friendly, approachable and ready for business.

However, since this is September, should you wait until January or February before you start job hunting for a medical device sales rep position? NO!

Here are 3 top reasons why September is the best month to job hunt for a medical device sale Rep.

  1. Recruiters and hiring managers want to meet their annual goals and targets.

September, being the last month of the fourth fiscal quarter of the year for most companies and many of these companies are pressured into meeting up with their yearly targets.  Which mean that they might need more persons (employees) to help in achieving their goals. By the end of September, an impromptu recruitment exercise is usually organized, and if you are lucky enough, you can get employed and even start work by the beginning of October.

  1. Recruiters and hiring managers are now available for recruitment in September

September usually comes with this feeling of back-to-work or back-to-school sensation. Which means that hiring managers are more relaxed after a work-free time of vacation. They have a renewed energy for work with less downtime and are more available as work is just starting anew. They are more accessible and active in conducting interviews and applicant screenings. They also tend to be more friendly and approachable (coupled with the pleasant September weather) which makes the whole recruitment process more manageable, smoother and faster.

  1. Hiring managers want to use up all resources and fill up positions that are still open.

By September, most hiring managers will want to use up all the resources assigned for employee recruitment processes, and so applications will be accepted from interested applicants. Applicants’ screenings and interviews will then be organized to select the best applicant for the job posted. This end of the year, recruitment usually happens, especially when there are still vacant positions to be filled up. A vacant position will put a work-stress on other employees in the company and thus affect their work performance negatively.  Also, you know, every company wants productive employees to maintain the quality of their products and services.

Final note:

September is one of the best months that you can take advantage of for your job hunting activities. It’s one of the months that are less focused on by many job hunters. Which means that a company is likely to have fewer people applying as a medical device sales rep. With fewer people applying for jobs, you stand a chance of being hired. Why not give it a try now? And see how lucky you could be.