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For Candidates: Job Search Success

May 9, 2018

Warner Search Group, we specialize in the placement of Medical Device Sales Representatives. Often, Healthcare Recruiters and Candidates will have a number of questions regarding the search process, how to stand out, career development and challenges they face in their career path.  We update our blog frequently to ensure that you have access to the best advice possible.  Make sure to check out our available medical device sales jobs



In less time than it takes you to read this sentence, a recruiter will make an initial “fit or no fit” determination, based your resume. 

So let’s do it right. 

You are essentially selling yourself on your resume, so you’ll need to do two things: 1) attract the attention of the recruiter, with some aspects of the story of “you”; 2) mold your information to reflect what your potential employer is looking for. (Hint: study the company’s website, for language and keywords that you can align with your own experience.) 

If you are in sales, your resume must clearly identify who you are currently working for, your territory, the products you sell, who you sell them to (or call points), your percentage against plan or quota, including stacked ranking (national rankings preferred) followed by any special recognition. 

Here are some other quick tips: 

  • Include an objective only if it’s not generic.
  • Use a chronological format.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your experience.
  • If you’ve had lots of experience, that’s okay; it’s better to not have any holes in your timeline. Keep things focused.
  • Note education at the bottom, to include GPA and any athletic experience, if relevant, followed by any special courses.
  • Don’t list your references; if an employer wants to know, they will ask you — just note that they are available upon request.
  • Be factual and meticulous and, where possible, a bit creative, to demonstrate your uniqueness and personality.
  • Have a third party proofread your resume!
  • The more you care about getting every last detail on your resume right, the more the recruiter will infer as to your preparation and commitment.
  • A straight forward black and white format processes best.


There are many sources that offer valuable information that can aid you in preparing for your interview. Some of the most important tips are:

  • Have an up-to-date and professional profile on LinkedIn and Facebook with a professionally taken photo recommended.
  • Do research on the prospective employer, the job itself, and, if possible, the hiring manager.
  • Review common questions — and prepare responses.
  • Dress appropriately, for the organization and its culture, striving for the most professional appearance possible.
  • Arrive on time: which means 15 minutes early.
  • Be polite to everyone you meet — including the parking attendant and receptionist.
  • Be authentic, upbeat, and focused.
  • Maintain an engaged and positive physical posture.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Sell yourself — then, if appropriate, close, by asking for the job. In a sales interview it is appropriate to close hard (“Does the manager see you moving forward in the process?”); it is expected.
  • Sell yourself just like you would sell your potential employer’s product.
  • You probably will only have one shot at an interview; you must bring your “A” game to it.
  • Never assume anything; interviews are very competitive.
  • Thank the interviewers — in person, and ask for his or her business card/s, so you can do a prompt follow-up email thank-you note highlighting something important that was discussed; this is an appreciated tactic that shows you were listening and thinking.




Your brag book is your chance to show off your accomplishments with taste. By making available the documents that validate your candidacy as a professional in your field of expertise, the brag book demonstrates that there is substance behind the answers you gave in your interview. 

When it comes to your book, more is better to show your experience and success. Be sure to include:

  • copies of stack rankings, with your ranking highlighted (preferably national)
  • performance reports, showing percentage-to-goal, and other metrics
  • emails from managers and supervisors, acknowledging your successes
  • pictures of physical awards or plaques
  • sales presentations, and other documents created for client sales pitches
  • documents of contracts closed, with any required explanations
  • college transcripts